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  • Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
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  • M.A.
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Pacifica Graduate Institute
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Counseling Psychology 2017; Mythological Studies 2005
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Harvard University; Johns Hopkins University

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Santa Barbara
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Would you like help living in the digital world; engaging the second half of life; or developing an authentic relationship with your masculine energy? Are you navigating anxiety, loneliness, depression or one of life’s other detours?
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Whatever it is that brought you here will be listened to and heard.

Would you like help living in the digital world; engaging the second half of life; or developing an authentic relationship with your masculine energy?

Are you navigating anxiety, loneliness, depression, anger or one of life’s other detours?

One of the ways depth psychology can help you is through individuation, an example of which is the hero’s journey. Individuation is a process of discovering and realizing who you are on a very deep level and learning to enjoy and live as that person. You become more whole, harmonious and stable and your libido life force flows more freely.

Individuation usually involves shadow work, in which you bring awareness to things about which you haven’t previously been thinking. Many psychologists think trauma may be the underlying reason many of them were pushed into the shadow.

Trauma can range in intensity from the microaggressions of daily living to the most chilling of acts. It disrupts your ability to make sense of the world for anywhere from a few minutes to decades.

Your current symptoms may have their roots in the defenses your immature mind threw up to shield you from the pain of early childhood trauma. Donald Kalsched, the author and Jungian Analyst, describes the subsequent process as an encapsulated innocence becoming malignant.

We will listen to your symptoms earnestly because they are, as the songwriter Leonard Cohen put it, the cracks that let the light in and allow us to see the malignancy and the innocence that wants to be freed.

Individuation is not an easy thing to do under the best of circumstances and this digital age in which we are plummeting adds a new layer of complexity.

To whatever extent you are a digital denizen, I want to help you develop an understanding of digital technology as a psychological force.

If you are in the second half of life, I would like to help you navigate your way through old and new careers, free time, health issues, renewed and new loves, grandparenting, mortality and the other objects in your terrain
If you are re-engaging your masculinity in the age of the Me Too Movement, I want to help you develop healthy and satisfying ways to be in an intimate romantic relationship, with friends, out in the world and with yourself.

Computer programming has been a big part of my life ever since I was a teenager. I began thinking about the digital world as a psychological space while in school studying to become a therapist. I thought a lot about my own experiences and wrote my thesis on a related topic.

Going through several life changing events woke me to the powerful forces in ageing. I am changing from a computer programmer to a psychotherapist because of them.

I have two adult children, two adult cats and like to cycle.

I am a Registered Associate MFT (#101219) at Santa Barbara Psychotherapy and am supervised by Kristine Schwarz LMFT.


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  • Attachment Issues
  • Families of Mentally Ill
  • Men's Issues
  • Midlife Issues
  • Personal Growth

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  • Depth Psychology
  • Education
  • Jungian
  • Psychodynamic
  • Self-Psychology
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